Required Reading for Memorial Day Weekend

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    From Military Times, a moving presentation about Arlington National Cemetery:

    The photo of the woman, Mena Anderson, in the lawn chair at the grave of her son, Army Cpl Andy Anderson, really got to me. I'm praying for her today, as I can not imagine living with that sacrifice.

    Memorial Day is an extremely important day. Preaching to the choir here, but I want to tell those who aren't on this forum everyday: Sure, have fun. Go shopping, go to the beach, relax on your day off if you're so lucky to have a job and have the freedom of a glorious long weekend. But the interactive should be required reading for everyone in this country.

    For all of you who served, thank you for my freedom.

    For all of you who have a son or daughter currently in harm's way, thank you for my freedom.

    For all of you who have experienced the ultimate sacrifice in your family, thank you for my freedom.

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