Response to Remedial Request - How much to disclose?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Dolphins2012, Aug 10, 2011.

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    My DS received a Remedial last week regarding a strained shoulder muscle injury received last autumn (2010) football season. The request is for all records related to this. In anticipation of such follow ups, we requested records of every broken toe, tonsilectomy, etc., even before his medical exam, so the records are on hand. However, I am curious as to the extent of the records DoDMERB will require. E.g., we are not submitting (and do not have) X-Ray film, MRI results, physical therapist's records, lab results, etc. There is always "more", so my question is: how much is normally sufficient for an initial response to the Remedial? We simply have all the records produced to us by my DS' orthopaedist who was the primary physician in relation to the injury from beginning to the "all clear".

    BTW, the injury was essentially just soreness treated w/ PT for a couple months (MRIs, X-Rays revealed nothing, esp. no cartilage issues, etc.), and has since fully recovered, ran track in spring, lifeguarding and football camp all summer and football this coming autumn, etc.
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    I would send whatever you have. I would bet that the orthopedist commented on the radiology results within his notes. If they want more they will request it; however, most likely the ortho notes will contain everything they need.

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