Richmond, VA Candidate Informational Meeting

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    Who: All local Richmond high school students and families interested in attending West Point or any of the U.S. Service Academies.
    What: Informational meeting for candidates to learn more about the Academy, the admissions process, ask questions, and receive tips for success all through the eyes of a current Cadet.
    When: Thursday, 12 MARCH 2015 @ 1900 hrs (7:00 p.m.)
    Where: Glen Allen Public Library
    10501 Staples Mill Road
    Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
    Why: Educate local candidates on the opportunties West Point holds as a college choice, discuss cadet life, and answer questions about the admissions process. The host will be a current Yearling at West Point.
    Contact: Please respond to thread with any questions/comments.
    ***Please make a strong effort to attend this event if you are considering West Point, as it will give each student a quality insight into the Acadmey and what it takes to get appointed. Even if you will be late, please still come and bring questions! The Cadet will be present until closing time around 2100***

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