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Just wanted to jump on here and add for any new comers that WVU offers room OR board ( in the past room AND board ) scholarships to their cadets. My son only had to pay for his meal plan. They also offer in state tuition so my out of state son was able to use his type 7 without converting. Hope this can help someone
Here is another data point for those who are researching this in the future. Michigan Tech offers room & board scholarships and also in-state tuition for out-of-state AFROTC scholarship awardees.

From their website:
Michigan Tech offers room and board scholarships to high school students who have received AFROTC scholarships. Room and board scholarships are limited in number, are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and are given for the length of the program.

Michigan Tech now offers all Out-of-State Scholarship awardees (Tuition capped at in-state rate) and contracted non-scholarship cadets (AS300 and above) a Diversity Incentive Grant, allowing non-Michigan residents to attend MTU at the In-State rate!

If I understand their financial aid site correctly, their Presidential Scholarship stacks on top of the AFROTC scholarship, so students qualify for an additional $1,000-$5,500 year based on ACT/SAT+GPA even after tuition, room and board have been paid by the above scholarships.
My DD was awarded a 4 year scholarship from the first AROTC board for her top three schools. Two of those schools (not in state) have reached out to offer full Room and Board. As it was explained to us, AROTC pays full tuition and the more expensive/private schools appreciate that tuition guarantee and allow AROTC to provide Room and Board as an incentive.
School's that offer Free room and board for ROTC students

This is a very helpful website!

ROOM & BOARD PROVISIONS FOR 4-YEAR NROTC SCHOLARSHIPS NOTE: This list is intended to be used as a guideline reference for NROTC Scholarship Applicants. No guarantee is made or implied that these benefits will be granted to the applicant. These benefits are offered by the individual colleges and are in no way supported or funded by the U.S. Navy. It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify current availability of room and board provisions directly with the desired college or university. College Unit Code Phone Number Benefits offered by the

1. College Boston University 061 (617) 353-2000 Free Room & Board
2. Carnegie-Mellon University 067 (412) 268-2000 Free Room & Board (on a case by case basis)
3. Florida A&M University 009 (850) 599-3796 Free Room & Board (nomination from NROTC unit)
4. George Washington University 063 (202) 994-1000 Free Room & Board (prior active duty recipients) (tech majors eligible for a stipend of $4000 for room & board)
5. College of the Holy Cross 011 800) 442-2421 Free Room & Board
6. Washington State University 012 (509) 335-3564 Free Room & Board
7. Illinois Institute of Technology 013 (312) 567-3000 Free Room & Board
8. Iowa State University 015 (515) 294-4111 $2000/year Room & Board (top 25% incoming freshmen)
9. Jacksonville University 016 (904) 744-3950 Free Room & Board
10. Maine Maritime Academy 019 (800) 227-8465 Free Room & Board
11. Marquette University 020 (608) 262-3961 Free Room & Board
12. Michigan, University of 023 (734) 764-1817 Room & Board Scholarship (eng students, case by case)
13. Mississippi, University of 025 (662) 915-7211 Free Room (out of state residents)
14. Missouri, University of 026 (573) 882-2456 $1000/year to Free Room & Board (varies)
15. New York Maritime College 056 (718) 409-7220 Free Room & Board
16. Norwich University 065 (800) 468-6679 Free Room & Board
17. Prairie View A&M University 038 (409) 857-2310 Free Room & Board
18. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 040 (518) 276-6000 Free Room & Board
19. Rochester, University of 042 (716) 275-6111 Free Room & Board
20. San Diego, University of 059 (619) 260-4600 75% Room & Board
21. Savannah State University 043 (800) 788-0478 Free Room & Board
22. Southern California, University 045 (213) 746-1879 $2500/year Room & Board
23. Southern University and A&M 046 (225) 771-2430 Free Room & Board
24. Louisiana State University 046 (225) 388-1175 Free Room & Board
25. Tulane University 049 (504) 865-5000 Free Room & Board
What does "case by case" mean (CMU or U. Michigan for example) - based on family income?
Army ROTC monetary incentives and/or room and board part 6

University of vermont
the university offers room and board incentives to academically deserving four year scholarship recipients. Recipients receive free housing and a paid meal plan for university dining facilities. The student will receive free housing in one of the university's dormitories (double room) at st. Michael's college, one of the university of vermont's cross-enrolled schools, each scholarship winner will receive a supplemental grant to cover the balance of tuition, as well as housing (dormitory, double room).

University of washington room and board at seattle pacific university (competitive-based for rotc scholarship students).
• room and board at northwest university (competitive-based for rotc scholarship students).
• individual merit based scholarships, up to $2,000 per year.

University of wisconsin - la crosse
at viterbo college: Four-, three- and two-year scholarship winners receive annual award of $4,250 to offset room and board in campus-owned facilities. Three-year advanced designee scholarship winners receive annual award of $4,250 to offset room and board in campus-owned facilities, plus another $4,250 to offset freshman tuition.

University of wisconsin - oshkosh ripon college: Four-year scholarship winners receive an additional ripon college scholarship which covers the balance of tuition and provides on-campus housing and board. In addition, each three-year advanced designee scholarship winner receives a $16,000 ripon college tuition scholarship to cover the freshman year. Once the national army rotc scholarship benefits begin, each three-year advanced designee receives an additional ripon college scholarship which covers the balance of tuition. On-campus housing and board are provided all four years. saint norbert college: Each four-year scholarship winner receives free room and an additional amount equal to a percentage of tuition. Each three-year scholarship winner receives a one-year saint norbert scholarship of up to $12,800 to cover first year tuition, plus free room. In addition, each three-year scholarship winner receives free room during the sophomore through senior years; an additional scholarship amount worth a percentage of tuition; and a one-year college grant worth up to $12,800. marian college: Each scholarship winner receives free room and board, along with 200 points that can be used for food and drink at the campus snack bar.

University of wyoming
the professor of military science (pms) has several $750-$3700 discretionary room and board scholarships. Amount of scholarship varies depending on act/sat scores, gpa, financial need and rotc participation.

Vanderbilt university
$3,000 annual financial incentives from the university

virginia state university virginia state university offers room and board scholarships through the rotc program to exceptional students. Highly motivated students that excel academically and within the rotc program may compete for board scholarships that pay for the cost of meals while dining on campus

wake forest university
wake forest offers full room and board to all 3\&4 year scholarship winners, as well as a tuition assistance grant of 1k msii year, 2k msiii year, and 3k msiv year.

Washington state university individual merit based scholarships, up to $3,000 per year

washington university
up to 10 four-year scholarship winners receives free room and board. For each four-year scholarship winner above 10, the university will negotiate room and board individually

weber state university
7 rooms, without board, for cadets.

West virginia state university4-yr scholarship winners receive room and board waivers in college owned facilities.

Western kentucky universityfour-year scholarship winners receive free room and board. Student must maintain a 3.0 gpa to retain the incentive. Three- and two-year scholarship winners receive free room. Student must maintain a 2.8 gpa to retain the incentive.

Western michigan universityawards up to $3,500 annually ($1,750 per semester) to any four-year rotc and green-to-gold army rotc scholarship winner.

Widener university villanova university: Offers full tuition and a $5,000 room and board incentive on top of the rotc scholarship (limited to 5 per year, must maintain 3.25 gpa to remain eligible)

wofford college
• four-year scholarship winners receive free room and board. Three year advanced designee scholarship winers may receive free room and board based on sat/act and gpa.

Worcester polytechnic institute free room and board to four-year and three-year advanced designee scholarship winners. At nichols college scholarship winners receive a $1,000 per semester credit toward room and board all years scholarship is in effect.

Wright state university professor of military science awards up to 13 free room and board incentives to scholarship winners based on an order of merit list. The incentives may be partial or full room and board depending on the number of qualified applicants and the yearly incentive budget. (this equates to three to four room and board incentive scholarships for each academic year group.)

xavier university four-year scholarship winners receive free room and board. Three-year advanced designee scholarship winners receive freshman year tuition plus free room for all 4-years. At the college of mount saint joseph: Four-year scholarship winners receive free room or, if additional college scholarship is awarded from the college, tuition differential and free room and board all 4-years.
Thank you!
Does anyone have any information on taking a converted type 7 AFROTC scholarship to Embry Riddle . My son was awarded a presidential 16,000 scholarship there. I emailed the school and they ( very frankly ) stated they give a one year 16,000 scholarship to any ROTC cadet, but will not combine. So basically I take it they take away the academic scholarship. It’s my sons 1st choice, but 18,000 barely scrapes the top off.
ERAU is a private school and it's about 53k per year tuition/ room/ board/ fees. Your AF type 7 scholarship would basically provide 16k for three of four years AND cover fees (not flight fees, but others) on years 2-4. The first year you'd get 16 only from the school, zip from the AF.

For the other 3 years (years 2=4_, would they let you keep any scholarship that came with your acceptance (Presidential, Provost et al) and combine it with your 16k from the AF to cover part of tuition? If he can qualify for financial aid that could help. Also if you are from FL and he will graduate from a FL hs, the bright futures scholarship too can greatly help.

Did your son apply to the other branches for a scholarship? Army/ Navy 4 year scholarships also get room/ board covered at that school.

Message me if I can help further. GL to your son.
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Thanks for your help Herman. He was awarded a Presidential ( 16,000 per year) , so he would get 16,000 the first year, but I believe that’s it.
Unfortunately not a Florida resident. We are an active duty Army family ( his dad is an Armor officer), we’ll be moving twice in the next 3 years so we won’t hold residency anywhere but our HOR , which is the one state my son is uninterested in attending.

Funny enough, his dad was an enlisted Marine, Air National Guard full timer, then went back active, so our son has pretty much been exposed to all branches of service in some manner. With that said, he only wants to serve in the Air Force, even though many have told him how much better an AROTC pays out.
He’s also smart enough not to go into debt earning a college degree. But he’s got some really good other choices that fit that bill.
Thanks @gibsontrio. I would research the schools that will provide room and board with a 4 year type 7 (the school provides these, not AF). Please also explore which schools treat an OOS Type 7 as in-state - Maybe WVU? Also in recent years the top 14 or so universities will treat a type 7 as a type 1 (Ivies, MIT, et al.) Sorry I don't know the lists but others may here. Lastly, you may wish to explore which schools will allow ROTC participants to stack moneys from an RA job to cover room/ board that could help too in years 2,3 or 4. In the end, once you have any financial aid, merit, school help and ROTC you should look at your total cost to attend balance and thay may help. For my DS, other than flight fees (pilot training in undergrad by his choice) it's free.

The only educations I would go into debt for at this time are probably a few of the top 10 - MIT, Harvard, Cornell, Yale. For the rest, it just seems like there are better alternatives. So many young people are starting out post college with more than 100k in debt - it's bananas.

Thank you to your spouse and you / your family for his service and the sacrifices all of you make. GL to your son and congrats on his earning the scholarship.
Do ROTC scholarships include room and board?
AFROTC and NROTC scholarships do not include room and board. However, there are universities that provide room and board scholarships for ROTC scholarship winners. AROTC does give scholarship winners the option to convert their scholarship to room and board, instead of tuition.
AFROTC and NROTC scholarships do not include room and board. However, there are universities that provide room and board scholarships for ROTC scholarship winners. AROTC does give scholarship winners the option to convert their scholarship to room and board, instead of tuition.
Your responding to a post from 2009. I expect the poster has left the building.
For what branch is your buddy looking to confirm?

At least for Army ROTC (AROTC), not tuition AND room and board - you can pick for a partial room/ board scholarship or the tuition and fees amount.

For Navy (NROTC) the official school site here it says no they do not cover room and board:

"Does the NROTC scholarship pay for room and board?
No, the NROTC Scholarship does not pay for room and board."

Air Force:
"Air Force ROTC scholarships cannot pay for room and board".

While those are official U of Florida domain sites, I would not rely on them to be 100% current. Recommend your buddy call the cadre of each branch directly to confirm the options and ask if the SCHOOL provides room and board for ROTC participants. We know the Army/ Navy do not - but that's different. You should ask if your buddy receives merit scholarships/ financial aid can these be applied to room and board. FYI moneys for room and board often are taxable - not a big deal but good to know. Please let the board know what you find.
Is there a way for me to figure out if my college will give me money for room and board? Do I have to call them? If so, who would I call and what would I say? (NROTC)
Is there a way for me to figure out if my college will give me money for room and board? Do I have to call them? If so, who would I call and what would I say? (NROTC)
I would call the detachment or the financial aid office and ask if they provide room and board for NROTC scholarship recipients. Some colleges do, some do not. If they don’t, you can ask if they provide any other benefits. Some schools use it as a way to attract scholarship winners, while others don’t care as much about it.
How do mids find other mids to board with?
I would have your kiddo reach out to the unit of the university he/she will attend to help with that. The university will also assist. Facebook also has an RPI parents page in addition to the unit's page where your midshipman can make inquiries.