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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Lpshrtr, Jul 2, 2014.

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    So my biggest concern right now about joining ROTC is I'm trying to get a contract as soon as possible. I'm an incoming freshman and SF State, and the things that's worrying me is my eyesight. It's terrible...and the thing is DoDMERB is like 10x harder on medical conditions compared to meps. I'd kill to be an officer but my eyesight is 20/1000, and I'm pretty sure it's correctable to 20/20, last time I got checked at a physical i got 20/40 in both eyes with a out dated prescription, and my astigmatism is somewhere around the limits for ROTC. It's like -3.25 or something. I've had asthma before but that was like when I was 8, never got new prescriptions after that, didn't touch my inhaler since 4th grade. I'm not worried about the asthma though my biggest question is, do my eyes sound waiverable? It says on the medical qualifications anything -/+ 3.00 isn't standard for ROTC, is that a PDQ?
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    You will have a better chance of getting responses on the DoDMERB thread.

    I do not knokw if you will get a DQ, but I do know all the scholarship application will cost you is time. You have no chance if you don't apply and for the rest of your life the price you will pay by not applying is wondering what if.

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