ROTC and Svt (I know similar questions have been answered but I have more specific questions)


Jul 22, 2017
I apologize for making this kind of a wannabe thread, but I figure it's better to know this all now. Anyway, I have an irregular heart beat known as Svt that is disqualifying, however I can get a minor procedure known as an ablation done to correct it, and from what I've heard from other people's stories, after getting this ablation done, you qualify, but you must be symptom free and medication free for 2 years prior to enlisting. I'm going into Junior year of High School, and plan on getting this procedure done soon. The problem is, I would only be svt free (if all goes well) for just under 2 years. Would this be a problem? And if it is, and I get medically disqualified, could I apply for the three-year scholarship then next year once it's been over 2 years since the procedure? Thanks in advance.