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Nov 29, 2016
Hello, I was wondering how much CC looks at the classes that you take throughtout highschool in terms of if you took harder classes or not. I have taken honors classes at the highest but no AP's and this worries me about my chances for getting a scholarship. If someone can give me a better insight on how they look at an applicant will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Yes take the AP and Honors courses in high school. And DO WELL, GPA is important. Other activities like a sports team, club, and community service/leadership positions. Yet doing well in class/ studying is most important, that's my experience. Not to stress anyone. I know lots of people that got into and attend military academies and they only had high 4.0 GPAs and above average SATs, and a varsity sport. It's not hard to score well, just study and manage time. Everyone can have a great plan yet if they don't manage their time plan is ruined.
Mostly, it's about being well rounded. Yes they like AP classes, but it won't make or break your application if the rest of it is solid and your GPA is still high.
DS had no AP classes, but solid GPA and SAT scores as well as leadership (baseball team captain and German club VP) and community service. He received a 4 year AFROTC scholarship for engineering.
Navy will want AP classes, and if I was informed correctly by my coordinator, classes like AP Calc and AP Physics in particular. That being said, if you take a boatload of Hnrs courses but no AP, it certainly won't break your application.