ROTC Basic Camp Bonus


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looks like the Army is using another tatic to get some folks interested in ROTC. Earn cash for signing up for ROTC and complete basic camp and get $5k. Check out


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They should give a recruiting bonus to existing cadets who persuade someone to enter this program.
They had a bonus program, a while ago, like the one you just mentioned for the National Guard, current Guard members received a pretty healthy bonus for every recruit they brought in that enlisted. It was a sweet deal but as often happens it became a very abused program. There were some enlisted recruiters as well as Brass that lost their job over this program, the program was ended.

Note: This was a different program then the one that was in the News about the California Guard Bonus scandal.

A fellow cadet of my older son, an SMP cadet, bought a new 4x4 Dodge Truck with the bonus money he received over about an 8 month period. Rumor had it he would hang around the recruiting offices and get guys to allow him to refer them for enlistment. I was surprised he wasn't swept up in the investigation, then again knowing his family I wasn't that surprised.

As nice as a bonus like that would be, I can see why they probably won't touch that one with a 10 foot pole.