ROTC Form 5-497 Outdated SAT scoring system


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Oct 27, 2020
I recently sent my JROTC SAI a Form 5-497, I filled out all my information but when it asked for my SAT scores, it was written down in the format used before 2016. It asks for my Critical Reading Score, My Writing Score, And my Math Score.

I initially assumed this meant the "Test Scores" which are graded on a scale of 10-40 but after looking online I found out that those aren't the same scores. What do I do? Do I attempt to calculate my old SAT scores or do I just write down what I have on a scale of 10-40?
Check with admissions for clarification if you are unsure. Check with admissions to see if there is an updated form you should use.

I googled ROTC form 5-497 and this( below) is what I saw on the form that came up. I just copied and pasted. this part

b. SAT scores: Best Critical Reading _______; Best Math _______; Best Writing _______.
c. ACT scores: Best English _______; Best Math _______; Best Science _______; Best Reading _______; Best Writing _______.

If the above is similar to what is on your form they want SAT reading, math, and writing meaning your EBRW, Math, and Essay. So reading out of 800, Math out of 800, and writing is out of out of 8-8-8.
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Actually, if you delve into the SAT score the reading and writing are broken up and the highest I believe you can get is a 40 for each section. You are supposed to multiply that score by 10. Meaning if you get a 40 on each section that is an 800 for the reading and writing. The essay is different your max score on that is a 24.