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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by NorwichDad, May 30, 2012.

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    One thing my son did well in his years in ROTC was networking through Facebook and texting. In his dealing with his school's ROTC department he made good friends with the ROTC Cadre, Officers and staff. It was never about drinking with them or being their buddy but rather many great conversations relating to their own personal experiences and paths. They were always and still are great resources of information. My son stays in touch with them. He also made a lot of friends from other schools at summer assignments and kept those friendships. He is in IBOLC now with two of these friends, one form LDAC and one form Airborne School. He has heard from many friends on their own experiences in the things he is doing now. He gets a lot of useful info from network.

    Remember to try to keep your friends from all of your experiences. Remember to be careful with anything you put in writing. Really avoid politics or secure info in anything posted. It is a small militiary and you will cross paths again.

    Keep your friends
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    Very true about FB. Remember if you belong to groups, such as your det., the command may also be members, thus, they can see every picture and word you write.

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