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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by valenciaalexj, Oct 16, 2014.

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    Hi i just wanted to see if i could get advice by rotc students who have majored in nuclear engineering, what they think of the major, difficulty, day to day life, and balancing academics and rotc. (i'm considering majoring in nuclear engineering, and definitely doing NROTC in college i have already been accepted to Oregon State's Nuclear Engineering)
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    It's difficult, just like any other engineering major, and you have to take a lot more physics classes than your ME and AE pals, but I really like it. Biggest fear going in was that I would be expected to have prior knowledge on the subject, that's not the case, they start off like you know nothing about nuclear energy. It's a pretty interesting subject, and not a very common major. Keeps you useful to the military, and there's some good money to make in the field after you get out if you want to pursue that.

    I'm in AFROTC and actually met another Nuke at Field Training this summer who went to Oregon State. Told me they have an amazing program with nuclear plants on or near campus, students get to go there and get real world experience in their 1st year. I'm a little jealous, my university decommissioned their power plant a couple decades ago so 3rd year is when we start physically handling radioactive material.

    There may be a few more Nuke's in your ROTC program since you're Navy, but it is also possible you will be the only one. We do take a lot of ME courses though, so chances are you'll be in classes with some ROTC people at one time or another which is pretty great. One semester we had 8 cadets all in the same class, formed a massive study group. ROTC is a great resource since a lot of cadets/midshipmen will have taken or are going to take the same classes and can help you if you need help.

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