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Jun 22, 2014
Hi everyone , I'm new to this forum ,but have been reading posts on here for awhile . I'm posting this for information as well as connecting with others . Ok so a little background - I'm prior service Navy (E5) ,married with two kids, I got out to go to college and do Rotc , I am not doing Nrotc ( nothing against the Navy ,just want to try something new) . I have been going to a community college since January ,I have 36 credits not including the three I'm taking this summer. My Gpa is 3.75 right now (Finance major) and I am transferring to Univ. North Texas in the fall . I will be doing Afrotc , I am not against doing Arotc though and will do it ( if allowed ) in the case I don't get a slot at FT.Sorry for the life story !

The main question I have is , I had Lasik eye surgery right after seperating ,will this affect me with Afrotc ?

Also ,I haven't taken the SAT or ACT , should I before I join ROTC ?
LASIK should not impact you, may get a DQ, than a remedial and Q'd because they will want to see that your eyes have properly healed. The AF will give PRK to AFA cadets, which is why I don't think it will be an issue to join.

Also if I do the math by the time you graduate you will not be eligible to go rated due to age so that shouldn't be a problem from a rated perspective.

For the AF they are going back to using the AFOQT for SFT selection so don't worry about taking the SAT instead study for the AFOQT. Most people will tell you that the AAFOQT is like the ACT since it is compiled of four sections and it is time management that becomes an issue. Many will tell you that if you can't complete it by the last 30 seconds start bubbling your life away.

Good luck
Lasik should be fine as long as you're not going for aviation. Last year there was a change in the rules that allowed certain types of laser eye surgery to go into piloting.

AFOQT is much easier than the SAT or ACT in my opinion. Unless you're going for a pilot slot, the piloting and navigation sections shouldn't really matter. For reference, my SAT is 1890, ACT is 30, and AFOQT is 99/99/99/74/67.
Thanks for the replies , I appreciate the info .
I haven't ruled out aviation (even though that might not be my choice b/c of the Lasik),but my main goal is becoming an officer , I miss being in the military.

Anyways thanks for the help !