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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by jbm02, Apr 2, 2013.

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    All -
    my friend's DD is a junior in high school and is very interested in A ROTC and would like to compete for a scholarship next year. However, she is in a different situation than what a typical HS junior would be. She attends HS in MN, which apparently has a program that allows students to enroll in the university there for their junior and senior years. Thus, when she graduates next year she will be awarded both her HS diploma and an associates degree. She has a 3.7 in her college courses (calculus, physics, chemistry, English and Spanish)
    She will only have 2 years remaining to complete college.
    She does not yet know what colleges she'll apply to.
    She's contacted local recruiters but they haven't been able to provide ROTC information ( and the ROTC POC they gave her is currently unavailable). I gave her contact information for my DS' ROO but hoped that some of the people on this forum might be able to provide insight.
    With only 2 years left of college, can she even participate in ROTC? Can she compete for a 2 year scholarship? Or should she instead concentrate on SMP? Her other alternative is to enlist in the Guard or Reserves so she can still complete her degree.
    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    I'm hoping either Marist or Clarkson will chime in, but if her current college program is at the University of Minnesota, she might want to check with the ROO there (probably will be referred to the PMS for final authorization), but she might be able to do ROTC next year while technically in HS because she is enrolled as a full time student at U of M. She would double up on her ROTC classes (nothing that hasn't been done before). I don't even believe she has to be 18 to enroll in ROTC.

    Probably would require the approval of whatever program she is in dealing with HS as well (they would approve the MS classes).

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