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    Good morning. I am a reservist in the Navy, I am deploying to the Stan pretty soon, and when I get back I plan to get in the Marine Corps/Navy ROTC if I don't get into the Academy. Not sure what officer path yet but I've got plenty of time to do more research and figure that bit out before I sign anything. Naturally, I have a few questions:

    1, what does ROTC consist of, really? Do you just go to your normal college classes and wear uniforms and PT one day a week?

    2, at what point do I get a contract signed to make sure I'm going to get my butterbars?

    3, for prior enlisted in ROTC, what is the general attitude and feel of ROTC? Should I expect the same type of stuff in boot, a bunch of individuals trying to "figure it out" and a lot of stupid, self-explanatory rules?

    4, for Marine cadets, which is better in your opinion, regular ROTC or PLCs at Quantico?

    5, is there no way to stay in the reserves while I'm a cadet? The 500 per month for doing no work is nice and all, but I'd like to keep advancing and learning more as an enlisted radioman while I'm training to become an officer and a gentleman.

    Thank you in advance.

    v/r IT3
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    Basically correct. You will attend Navy lab once a week for 2.5-3 hours. You will wear your uniform all that day. That's the only day you'll wear your uniform. There is a video on Youtube that briefly explains the NROTC Marine Option that you may want to search out. You will also take a Naval Science academic class each semester. You will also spend 2-4 weeks training each summer while you are contracted.
    Depends. If you are on scholarship you must complete the PFT and contract by the end of the first semester (if it's a three year scholarship then its start of sophomore year. If you are not on contract you must be admitted to the advanced course by end of sophomore year and you will contract then.
    I would say no. here may be SOME boot like stuff but you're there to be trained to become a leader. You will fill billets to aid in that. The battalions are in many ways run by the students. When time for classes, lab and billet is taken into account ROTC can easily chew up 10-20 hours in a week. It's no cakewalk.
    Depends entirely on what you think is best for you.
    No idea.
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    We had a guy in AF Reserves while in ROTC, I would "assume" you can in the Navy. Though that's a great question to ask the detachment your interested in.

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