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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Captainfalcon, May 23, 2012.

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    I was not offered a 4 year rotc scholarship. I am planning on reapplying for a 3 year next year, and I was wondering if one's major plays into getting a scholarship. In other words, does the Army more likely to give a scholarship to someone who is in civil engineering or criminal justice major? Any help is appreciated.
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    As of now the Army does not seem to give a preference to majors as far as scholarships go. AROTC does give some points to certain majors to cadets that reflect in their OML Score once they finish LDAC.

    One thing to note, there is no application process for an AROTC scholarship once you start school, meaning when you get to school you will be a non contracted MS1 cadet along with all other non contracted MS1 cadets. The battalion will have a certain number of Contracts available for that class, in many cases the available contracts will be less then the number of cadets in the class. During your first year you will compete with your fellow non contracted cadets to keep your self in a position to get one of these slots. During your first year the battalion may have funds available to offer 1 or more scholarships, the battalion will offer these schoalarships, if available, based on the cadets standing in the class. To give yourself the opportunity for a scholarship if available you will need to be at or close to the top of the class.

    Non scholarship cadets, if they do not receive a scholarship, will continue to compete through thier sophomore year in hopes of getting offered a contract at the start of their junior year.

    Good Luck
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    OML is everything when competing for any available scholarships. GPA is typically the largest component of OML scoring. You do the math with regards to how you will fare in different majors.

    That being said, seeing you are going to be at Citadel, you might go on that section and ask if SMCs have many 3-yr or 2-yr scholarships (historically speaking - every year is different). There should be plenty of folks there who can tell you the answer.

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