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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by sjbd94, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I am going to start the application process for nrotc, afrotc, and arotc scholarships next week and was wondering if I can start and submit my applications but once I receive new act, sat, or a higher gpa can I go back and update my application?
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    Each Branch probably has slightly different protocols, but I remember you can update your SATs, etc. up until the cutoff date for the particular Board your application will be reviewed at. Once your application has been sent to a Scholarship Selection Board (called "Boarded"), you may not update your SATs, even if you are not selected at that Borad but forwarded to the next Board for consideration,
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    You may want to double check regarding updates after you go through the board, are not selected and rolled over to the next board. AROTC allows you to switch the order or add a different school to your list even after you have been reviewed but not selected by a board. I believe my son was told that he could update his SAT/ACT scores as well. I do know that you can't update any other part of your application once you have been reviewed.

    I apologize that I can't 100% confirm this, my son was selected the first board so we didn't need to resubmit scores or change schools.
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    As far as AROTC goes, GPA is not updatable and the GPA you report is only used to authorize a PMS interview. When your file is complete (after your interview and test scores and transcript are received), the only updatable part of your application will be SAT/ACT scores that are taken since the application was submitted. The GPA that you will be judged on will be the one reported on your transcript after your Junior year of HS.

    ACT/SAT scores can either be faxed/scanned from the official report sent to your home or you can have either testing service send it to CC (there is a school code for ROTC for each service). I recommend this method (having the testing service send scores) because the scores get to CC before you see them. Of course, you should follow up with faxed/scanned copies as you receive them if they are improvements.

    So my advice for AROTC application is to finish the parts of your application that you can (fill in your GPA as soon as you get your report card) and work your personal statement very carefully. Get it in early this summer so you can interview before college restarts because the cadre will be more busy once the students return.

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