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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by paulycowgirl, Apr 3, 2014.

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    My DS is a principal nominee and 2Q for USMA. He also received an AROTC Scholarship for Texas A&M. However, he is only "2Q" because he was medically DQ'd by DoDMERB for an injury he sustained in August, 2013. USMA applied for a medical waiver, DS completed all the remedials, and we are still waiting for news on whether or not the waiver will be granted for USMA. So here are my questions...

    If he is granted the waiver for USMA, will that waiver apply to his ROTC status? Or does he have to apply for a separate waiver for AROTC if he wanted to accept that scholarship? On the flip side, if he does NOT receive a waiver from USMA, can he apply for a waiver to try and keep the AROTC scholarship at Texas A&M?

    Thanks for the help.
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    First, he doesn't apply for a waiver, the commissioning source does. Also, since the commissioning source applies for the waiver, a waiver granted for USMA would not apply for ROTC, and vice-versa. At least that's my understanding of how all this works.
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    +1 Kinnem.

    You do not request the waiver they do. ROTC requests their waiver and USMA requests theirs. It has happened in the past that one does not waive while another does.
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    Although the waiver process is supposed to be "automatic" don't sit back and wait for the AROTC side to get the waiver process started. Make sure you are talking to the Battalion and asking them to check and make sure the process has started. Of course at TAMU you will be a small fish in a big pond. At Clarkson, being a small school, I'm double checking that the waiver has been requested. Kinnem and Pima are right. The waivers come from different sources, although they work out of the same regulation.
    Good luck

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