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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Jbrochu22, Apr 23, 2014.

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    I originally accepted a 4 Yr Schol to my #2 school and requested to transfer it to my #1 school and was recently notified that it was approved. I still have a problem though.. waiting on a medical waiver. The ROO at the university I'm going to attend said it should take a month or two to get approved.. but is there anything I can do besides wait? I was told in the letter that National ROTC Scholarship recipients are automatically reviewed for a waiver and such.. but do I have to intervene at all in the process? Also, could it get drawn out past August? (Waiver Request issued April 1, 2014)

    Thank you!
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    When my daughter went thru the process, her waiver process started on April 7th. She received notification the waiver was approved on June 13th. Your situation is obviously different than my daughters but we asked the doctor who handle her issue that she was DQ'd for to write a letter than the issue wasn't a factor in my daughters ability to perform any & all tasks in the military. My daughter also wore a letter herself explaining her desire to serve.

    Good luck you you!!
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    My son was disqualified in February and we've heard nothing yet. He has contacted Dodmerb and several other places, but was told there is nothing he could do. He even offered to have a military physician check him out at our expense, but they weren't interested. He did find a dodmerb consultant that we will use if he gets denied.

    Good luck! I wonder how many of us are waiting to hear about a waiver.

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