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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by js88, Aug 14, 2010.

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    I am a going on to be a junior in high school. I have become interested in getting a rotc scholarship. i have a 3.5 gpa, part of the debate team, have been a part of the jv tennis team, and spanish club. i was wondering how high my chances are looking from where I stand and what I can do to have a better chance of getting one?
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    What are your ACT/SAT scores? Also, what branch are you looking at applying to?
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    Usually rising juniors have not taken the ACT/SAT tests yet.

    Try to join / add some varsity sports participation / leadership if possible. Keep up your grades and if possible increase your GPA. Attempt to get some leadership experience in some school clubs. Talk to your American Legion and find out what you need to do to apply for Boys State. Good luck.
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    You didn't say what branch of the military you were interested in. Here's a little advice that just came to me about the current Army process. Because the process is a little more competitive now, what schools you apply to/consider may be more important than in years past. I would suggest applicants start narrowing their list of schools as early in the process as possible, because you may be more competitive at one school or another, and those schools may or may not have scholarship allocations, or campus based scholarships. I know this is probably going to create more questions than it answers, but the key is to talk to individual ROTC programs and hopefully they give you a good idea how you stand in their eyes. You need to apply next spring and there is no reason I can see why you wouldn't be competitive. The previous responses are right on. SAT/ACT will be important, and adding any Scholar/Athlete/Leader credentials will make you more competitive. Boy's State is also a great suggestion.

    Good luck
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    Additionally one key element is the rigor of your course curriculum. Is the 3.5 weighted or unweighted? Have you taken all Honors or APs or are you taking standard courses?

    They look at the WHOLE CANDIDATE. That not only includes your academic stats, but your ECs too. You need to be well rounded, not just great in one aspect and nothing in the other.

    Also, it is important to start understanding how each branch works their ROTC scholarships. The NROTC and the AROTC are linked to the schools you apply to for admission. This means you can get admitted to the school, but not get a scholarship, and vise a verse, you can get a scholarship, but not get admitted.

    The AFROTC scholarship program does not work that way, it can be taken to any school that is on the AFROTC list. However, as you will see through these forums, the AF is tightening their ROTC scholarship belt, and due to the economy it has become incredibly competitive. I wold say for AFROTC if your gpa is unweighted, and you have taken all Honors/AP/IB classes, with a 1300 SAT (out of 1600) you should qualify for a type 2 or 7. If you want type 1, (the full ride to anywhere) you need to ratchet it up a couple of notches. Look for at least a 3.7 uwgpa and 1450+ marker.
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    If you are interested in the Army program,
    We found this helpful: Army ROTC Interview Form CC Form 159-R Here

    Anything you can do to add to your points will help.
    Realize the categories are broad, and at the discretion of the interviewing officer to award...
    My son got leadership points for shift-leader at Subway, leading a
    blood-drive, student council.
    Highlight your areas of strength.
    Try to add to areas that you are weaker in.
    Get a good score on your ROTC physical test.
    Present yourself as a well rounded Scholar, Athlete, and Leader.

    Best of luck to you.

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