ROTC scholarships and the GI Bill

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    Does anyone know if a 4 year ROTC recipient decides to enlist after Freshman year and not continue college, are they eligible to earn the GI Bill? I know if they fail to meet the conditions of the ROTC contract they are not, but if they did meet the conditions Freshman year but decide to delay college for a few years, are they able to access the GI Bill benefit?
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    If you are on scholarship but do not continue past freshman year, then you do not owe any pay-back monies to ROTC. I don't know of any reason why you wouldn't be able to earn GI Bill benefits while enlisted. If you complete a ROTC program (when you're on scholarship?) and commission, then you will not earn benefits during your 4 years of active duty as you'll be "paying back" the tuition through your service. My son plans on doing at least another three years after that so he CAN earn the GI benefits.