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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by EliGr, Mar 23, 2016.

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    Background: I go to a private military college and recently was offered two scholarship options (both would cover the next three years of undergrad study if I accept). The first option is a STEM rotc scholarship where I would commission active duty right after I graduate. The second is called a "minuteman GRFD" scholarship with the army nat'l guard. If i accepted the second, I would drill once a month while at school and then for the next 8 years after unless I decided to switch over to active duty once i graduate, leaving me with a 4 year obligation instead of 8.
    End goal: become an doctor in the military.
    My question is, if I took the stem scholarship would I be able to go to med school after I graduate? Or would I be able to apply for the HPSP and get an education delay? I know I can definitely go to grad school with the guard scholarship, but I would have to pay for it myself. Would I be able to apply for the HPSP with the nat'l guard scholarship?
    My grades are pretty good (3.6), I'm a three season varsity athlete, very involved on campus, I'm a double major in Biology and Neuroscience (I have some transfer credits, so yes, I'd be able to graduate on time) so I'm pretty sure I'd be a strong candidate for the HPSP/med school if that helps anything??
    Anyways, I'm just looking for advice. From my understanding the stem scholarships were added pretty recently to the army so I couldn't find a definitive answer online about the whole med school thing.
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    One caveat - you cannot just "switch over to active duty once you graduate". If you sign a GRFD contract, you are prohibited from entering AD upon commissioning. Just making sure you're aware of that.
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    +1 Jcc123
    GFRD = Guaranteed RESERVE Forces Duty.
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    And if you weren't at an SMC the STEM scholarship doesn't guarantee active duty.

    Also, if you choose the STEM scholarship you will still have to request ED Delay to be allowed to go to med school instead of right to AD. You need to talk to an AMEDD recruiter to make sure you understand your options regarding med school.
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    Heed clarkson's advice.

    I would also reach out to other posters like Mabry and kp2001 when you get to the 10 post point. They are docs in the military, and maybe able to assist you in advice on how to go down the med school path as a military member.

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