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    Hello everyone! The end of the semester (and year) is coming to a close and I want to do something special. I'm the GMC Liaison to the Cadet Wing Stuff (I think other Det's call this position a First Sergeant or Superintendent). I would like to do a ROTC-focused superlative thing, kind of like what you did in High School. I have a few ideas for categories, but I am looking for some other ideas. Here's what I have so far:

    -Most Likely to be Chief of Staff
    -Most Likely to do Four Years and Punch
    -Best Wingman
    -Cutest Couple (this would be a "friend" award, not a dating one)

    Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Apr 10, 2013
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    Nice. You can do others such as most likely to be cadet wing commander, go into politics, etc.
    If you're looking for funny ones, you know your folks best. I recall "biggest spaz" for a former cadet at my det who....spazzed out at everything. Recently attended a dining out at another det who had pretty good ones. They gave awards to each class, beginning with the 400s...of course it was all fun and games, but it started with a cadet who is most full of him/herself, a cadet who is a nitty-gritty behind the scenes worker (goes unnoticed to most), look-alike cadets, and lastly, a cadet who appears to look super intimidating but is actually a sweetheart and very nice. They worded it in a humorous way, I'll ask for the description and send your way if I can get swing it.
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    Instead of cutest couple which sounds like dating couple so having to explain it basically tells you not a good idea... male friends are Bro'mance and Female best friends are BFFs or since could include those or a male/female BF "Siblings from another Mother" is something used with any friend mash up gender/s no explanation needed and limits risk of a discrimination/hate language violation. A funny one for Navy would be "Most likely to get sea sick on first cruise."
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    My son's wrestling team awarded the Bromance award.
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    My daughter was voted most likely to win the Hunger Games this year. Cracked me up!
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