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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by nelson, Jul 30, 2011.

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    I didn't finish the stuff I had to do for my ROTC application because I thought I was going to get into West Point. I shouldn't have asusmed, but I did. I'm reapplying this year but if I don't get in what do I need to do to get the ROTC scholarship for the last 3 years?
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    I am assuming that you will be starting school this fall.

    Sign up for all the ROTC classes offered.
    Meet with the ROO and PMS at the school you are attending.
    Be ready, pass your PT test with as high of score you can.
    Hit the ground running, do the best you can in all things ROTC
    Keep your school GPA up as high as you can.

    You won't be applying for a 3 year scholarship. The only way you will get a scholarship now is to get a Campus Based Scholarship that is given by the school's battalion. These scholarships are given based on your performance in school and ROTC by the battalion, you don't apply, they are offered.

    The problem with all this right now is that there is a moritorium on all campus based scholarships. No one knows when they might or if they will become available again. Unless your battalion has other funds such as alumni funds there is no money available for campus scholarships right now.

    The main point is don't count on a scholarship. If you can only afford the school if you receive a scholarship then you might want to look at other options. The budget is tight and is only getting tighter for ROTC.

    Above all call and talk to the battalion at the school your are going to, they will be the best source of information.

    Remember, you do not need to have a scholarship to do ROTC, most cadets are not on scholarship.

    Good Luck
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    You need to focus on your academics and physical fitness. Doing so will put in position for either a 3yr ROTC Scholarship or a transfer to USMA. You cannot control Admissions Boards and BDE budgets. Focus on what you can control: GPA and APFT score.


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