ROTC tuition waiver w/out commission?

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    Hey all,

    I’ve read on many ROTC university websites, and been told by an ROTC recruiter, that public colleges/universities offer a tuition waiver to rotc cadets, regardless of whether or not they plan to commission through ROTC. The only stipulation seems to be if the cadet passes the pft and maintains a 2.5 gpa. It’s not posed as a scholarship so much as an arrangement with public schools. This sounds too good to be true. I mean, I’d like to commission through ROTC, but if I decided not to while in the last year of my program, I could opt out? Is this a difficult option to apply for, or is it pretty much automatic if one signs up for ROTC classes and has a good gpa?

    FYI I’m specifically looking at public schools for a graduate degree in Illinois, possibly Wisconsin, Indiana, or Minnesota as well.

    Oh, and how does this work with programs like SMP? I’m non-prior but it sounds really great to drill once a month and learn more and make a little more money.

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    There are some schools that offer in-state tuition for out of state ROTC participants. Some schools offer a room and board scholarship to ROTC scholarship students. I don't know of any that waive tuition entirely for non-scholarship ROTC students. This isn't to say there aren't any, but I would certainly be surprised to hear of one.

    I suggest you contact the ROTC units and/or the Bursar's office or financial aid office at the schools you are looking at for a definitive answer.
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    Here is a link to the UofI website for Tuition waiver.

    Here is the relevant text:
    Illinois State Tuition Waiver covers the full amount of tuition only. There is no military commitment until the beginning of your Junior academic year (unless you are contracted). You acquire it by: being an Illinois resident, registering for the Military Science courses, have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA to be awarded (3.0 cumulative High School GPA for incoming Freshmen), and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 ROTC cumulative GPA to retain. You must be a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and you will be re-revaluated every semester.

    This program has been around many years at the public colleges and universities in Illinois. Key - to continue into your Junior year you have to be contracted - therefore with an obligation.

    The PMS has to approve this tuition waiver each semester. As a graduate student the PMS would likely contract you immediately creating an obligation.
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    Once you contract with ROTC (if you are a grad student you would have to go to Basic Camp then contract right away as you finish your MS3 and MS4 years) you have signed a legal document. Pretty unethical to take tuition waivers knowing you aren't going to commission.
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    Joining the National Guard pays for 100% tuition/fees at in-state public schools in several states as well.

    Though some states require you to be in the Guard for a year before the above education benefits are available.
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    Some States also require you to serve your service obligation in the National Guard if you use their funding as well.