Russian Was Casualties in Ukraine

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    From Forbes:

    So, if true it seems the Russian army has suffered as many war dead (2,000) in a year of fighting in Ukraine as the US has in 14 years in Afghanistan.

    When Vlad Putin took power in Moscow in 2000 he was supposed to rebuild the Russian military. He's spend billions trying to do so. He goes to great pains to show how impressive his armed forces are, i.e those tedious Kremlin parades, MiGs buzzing NATO airspace, aggressive boasting more befitting a North Korean newscaster, etc.

    Now, it seems the Russians are having difficulty with fighting weakly trained, modestly equipped Ukrainian militia.

    In 1968 the Czech communists made some modest reforms and were rewarded with a Soviet Red Army invasion of 600,000 troops. In two weeks the Soviets had their own hand-picked puppets ruling the country. Resistance was crushed ruthlessly.

    The Russian military of 2015 appears to be nothing more than a ill-trained, poorly-motivated, vodka-soaked mob.

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