Banquo '13

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Jan 30, 2008
Hello, I'm Alex and I live in the surrounding Denver area in Colorado. My hopes and dreams are to attend the Air Force Academy right here in wonderful Colorado, and graduate (that perhaps the most important) as class of 2013. I'm hoping that living in Colorado won't be too much of a disadvantage in getting into the academy but we shall see.

I've been reading many of these threads on this and other forums and hope that this will be able to give me a bit of insight. So thanks to everyone for helping!
Haha, yes sorta a literature nerd somewhat... Not sure why, but in class I was reading Macbeth and that character seemed to be my hero. Not sure why, just had a strong correlation to that character :) Haha, I'm glad you recognized :)
Hopefully you don't meet the same fate as your namesake, Banquo '13!

Welcome to the forums!