SAT/ACT Scores w/Essay


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Sep 8, 2018
I am looking to find out if the required essay portion of both the SAT & ACT which says "both should be taken at least once" is required for each test taken to super score. Basically, I have taken the SAT 3x's and my super score is a 1380 with my lowest combined math/english being the 3rd test that included the essay. My first two times my junior year, I did not take the essay. I have a 29 combined ACT Score (33 math/24 English) and will be taking the test again next month with the Essay. Not sure all my tests to date will be super scored with without the essay taken on each exam but will have at least one SAT and ACT exam with the essay portion completed by October.
Thank you for any information and insight you may have.
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Nov 25, 2017
No, it is not.

I have three different sets of official scores in my portal. Only one test was with the essay. They all are superscored together.

Hope that answered your question.