SAT Essay Score


Nov 29, 2016
I was wondering how important your SAT essay score is and what a "good" score is. On the new SAT score report they don't give your percentiles for the essay score. Please don't say "you should shoot for a perfect score." I understand that, but I also want to know if I'm deemed qualified. Thanks
My son was told by his RC to retake the writing portion in early August. His composite was extremely high but the writing was not - 60 %. He ended in the 94%. Son took it when ACT went wacky and all the scores were low. He retook it as the quickest way to get 3Q. What is interesting is that 2 of his peers both applied to USMA and their scores were lower than his but they were not requested to retake. He's happy he did bc he was appointed on 1/20/17 and neither of his peers have been appointed. He wasn't thrilled as he had shoulder surgery 5 weeks earlier and was in a sling for the exam but it worked. Look at the class profile and examine the SAT website. The ACT score didn't have percentiles but did on the report.
If I recall correctly, in a thread a few years back someone said that they did a overnight visit and was told in their briefing with RC that the admissions team actually forwards the SAT/ACT essays to the English Dept. for review. So I don't believe that the score that college board has much bearing as much as how WP's English professors score it.