SAT essay


c/o 2026 applicant
Oct 20, 2020
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not the Academy considers the SAT essay in their admissions process. I’ve taken the SAT 3 times between my sophomore and junior years (I’m currently a junior), and have a score of 1540 on my best SAT. However, I’ve only taken the SAT with essay once during my sophomore year with very little preparation (mostly as a diagnostic), and received a pretty average score of 16/24. I haven’t taken the essay since then because it seems that very few schools require it these days. From what I know, both USAFA and my backup schools don’t require the essay. I can’t find anything on Academy Admissions regarding the essay portion of the SAT, so I came here to see if anyone else knew the answer. Thank you all for any answers you have!


Psalm 144:1
Jan 9, 2020
My SAT essay score was absolutely terrrrrrible, and my SAT was 80 points lower than yours. You should be fine - depending on the rest of what your package looks like. Remember it's a WHOLE person application.