SAT scores and overall admissions chances for USAFA


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Aug 26, 2017
This is yet another 'chances' post... Here are some of my stats:

weighted GPA: 4.33
unweighted GPA: 3.94
top 8% of senior class of 545 (I'm making an educated guess because my high school does not rank)

I've taken 6 APs ( US History, Government, Economics, Biology, Calculus AB, Comp/Lit) and 4 honors (Chemistry, Physics, English 10, American Literature).

There are 20 weighted (both honors and AP) classes offered at my school, including various languages. I've only taken 3 years of Chinese, none of which were weighted.

Extra curriculars:

Model UN for three years (one award, hoping for 2 more this year)
Model UN President
California Scholarship Federation (a service club) member and Secretary
National Honor Society member
Link Crew officer (it's a welcoming committee for the incoming sophomores)
about 100 volunteer hours at: local library shelving books and working in an afterschool STEM program with elementary school kids, as well as at a recurring weekend pet adoption event
one year of badminton in 9th grade
one year of track in junior year--received varsity letter
Girls State delegate for my school, there I was a Senator and President Pro Tempore (leader of the Senate)
biotech internship at local UC for 70 hours
75+ hours volunteering in Nicaragua with Global Glimpse this past summer

Best composite SAT: (1400/1600)
math: 690
cr: 710
essay: 7/6/7

Best overall single SAT score (1330/1600)
essay: 7/6/7

I've taken the SAT three times and am waiting on the third score...fingers crossed the math is much better.

I haven't completed the pre-candidate questionnaire or turned in my Congressional nomination form.

I'm wondering if I should wait to turn in the pre-candidate questionnaire form when/if I get a better SAT score this October? I know I can update my score after I submit the questionnaire.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much to anyone who responds to my first post :)
I think you should do your pre candidate questionnaire ASAP. I only had a 1390 SAT score when I did mine, and it didn't hinder me in any way that I can tell. It is very easy to update your scores as they come, and once you're a candidate Admissions won't look at your app until all the forms are submitted. The screening they do at the PCQ level is not rigorous at all, I think it only stops you if your stats are waaayyy below average. You should get your nomination things and your app done as soon as you can, that way you aren't overwhelmed as senior year drags on and it comes time to do the civilian school apps. Also, if you get your app open now, you can ask your teachers and counselor for letters of rec before they get bombarded by everyone else when people start doing the civilian school apps. You also need to be given a deadline (there are various different deadlines) and an ALO, and I don't think that can happen until you submit the PCQ.
Get started! If you are serious about applying and pursuing an appointment, don't delay anymore. USAFA superstores so your SAT can only go up. You should also take the ACT as many students perform better in it than the SAT. And practice for your CFA! Good luck to you!