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    I sent my SAT scores from the College Board back in May but the Academy never received and/or processed them. I contacted admissions to confirm this, and then resent the scores a couple weeks ago. They have not received them... Has anyone else had an issue like this or should I just wait another week or so before I contact admissions or the college board? I want my scores in ASAP to avoid late delays (better now than right before the early action deadline!) and because they are significantly higher than those used for my AIM application
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    I'm sure your scores got there. I sent my scores back from June and have the same problem. I imagine they are sitting in some huge stack on a desk ready for processing. :redface:

    Just make sure your self-reported scores match your highest combined. I'm sure it'll all work out fine in the end.
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    We only process ACT or SAT scores for applicants, so if you've submitted your Class of 2019 application and the scores still haven't been processed then you should contact your Admissions Officer to figure out what's going on. If you haven't submitted your Class of 2019 application yet then you should take care of that first and then check on your scores again a few days after submitting.

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