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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by supreme1, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I heard that the USMA will not mix SAT and ACT individual scores. Can someone please confirm. If not, bummer. So... if cannot mix then would my ACT or SAT be better (below). Do they only take the ACT math and english or do they consider the other subjects? My guess is they would use my SAT but I would hope that my ACT math score gets factored in, what do you all think?

    SAT: 690 math, 670 CR, 620 writing
    ACT: 34 math, 29 Science, 27 English, 26 English/Writing, and 31 Reading
    ACT cum: 30
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    You're ok. None of your scores will disqualify you. An ACT 30 roughly converts to a SAT 1360 (M + CR). Your SAT is 1360.
    WP will look at only your SAT Math, CR and your ACT Math, English and Reading. You should see those scores pop into your candidate page.
    Your ACT Math and reading are good; it's only that your ACT English converts to a lower score than your SAT.

    You can take them both again if you want - perhaps you can boost your ACT English a little bit.
    If you are concerend shoot an email to your Regional Commander.
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    My kids took classes and/or tutoring for the ACT. We found (and the instructors confirmed this) that the easiest score to boost through ACT tutoring is the English score.
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    I just posted this on another thread here, but my son took the ACT three times and went from a 27 to a 31 to a 35 on his English. And we didn't do the tutor thing - he just used his study book and between them pretty much just worked through the practice tests for that section until he had a good feel of what they were looking for.

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