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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by USMA2019, Feb 13, 2014.

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    Hello all,
    So today I received my SAT scores back and I think I scored pretty well on it; however, my critical reading scores are a bit lagging and need improvement:
    Critical Reading:570
    So I was wondering how much weight USMA places on critical reading or do they focus more on the overall score? Also should I retake the SAT in attempts to bring up my critical reading or will this test suffice? My other question is that since my school does not do class ranks (I currently have a 3.86), what will I be ranked off of, SAT scores or GPA?

    On another note, is anyone familiar how recruitment for women swimming works? I am aware that I need to fill out a questionnaire, but will the coaches contact me even though I'm not registered with the NCAA's Clearing House? Thank you in advanced for your help.
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    Retake the SAT as much as you can to bring that critical reading score up. Since your writing and math scores can't improve any more, focus your SAT studying solely on critical reading material as USMA takes your best scores.
    Also, from what was said at an information session held at USMA that I attended, if your school does not rank...then the academic portion of your file will be solely based on your SAT scores. But if you can bump up your critical reading score than that could actually help you out.

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    Impressive scores! Since you are applying for the class of 2019, you should definitely retake the test and try to improve that reading score as much as you can! Obviously, you've got half of your SAT score made so you only have to prepare for one subject. Wish i was in your shoes.... 710 Math and 610 Reading here.
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    2019 - I would definitely try to pull up the Critical Reading score.
    In addition to filling out the swimming questionnaire, e-mail the coach. Introduce yourself, tell him/her you are applying and possibly a bit about yourself as far as times, etc. There are NCAA rules about coach to prospect contact, which can be found on the NCAA website. I believe, in most, if not all cases, it is fine for the prospect to initiate contact with the coach. Many times they will write back and say to keep them updated.
    USMA also has an admissions counselor dedicated to athletic recruits. You can also drop him an e-mail and ask about contact with the coach. My DS did this for another sport and received e-mails from both the coach and the admissions counselor.
    Good luck!

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