saying thanks to those who helped us at the CC (the support staff)

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by educateme, Nov 29, 2010.

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    May I suggest something to those who got the scholarship or their parents?

    We often forget that behind the scene, there are Cadet Command administrative and support staff who work tirelessly compiling and inputting reams of data for thousands of scholarship applicants. They are unsung heroes.

    Those of us who ended up having some individual contacts with a particular staff member can perhaps share our gratitude and let them know that we appreciate their help.

    I have this particular lady both my son and I communicated with multiple times due to some paperwork errors (his guidance counselor sent another kid's transcript!), and the last minute additions/updates to his application packet. I arranged a bouquet of flowers to be sent to her. My son already got the scholarship, so sending something as a token of appreciation for her help should not be considered inappropriate, I think.

    It does not have to be anything physical like this. A thoughtful thank you email will be great.

    Just a thought..... I hope everybody had a wonderful thanksgiving....

    (PS. My son is also sending a thank you email to a PMS of a local university. This PMS, knowing full well my son did not even put his school on the school of intent list, helped/coached him throughout the whole process)
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    He's right. After I did a visit at a school, I sent the PMS a Thank You note, and he responded, and actually called me to let me know about my scholarship status (I didn't get it) and sent me an email wishing me and my family a happy thanksgiving.

    If someone gives you something, thank them.

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