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    Going through this forum and others related to the topic of enduring ROTC, there have been a widespread of opinion of what potential future officers should do. I know that receiving the ROTC scholarship is an accomplishment, but there are other way to come across this path, like green-to-gold and SMP. Is there a right way to commission, I guess I would like to hear other opinions from different backgrounds so then this could benefit the kids who are ready to start their applications and give them insight from multiple backgrounds to help them make their decisions.

    From my own experience as a 4-year AROTC scholarship recipient, I have already learned a lot, and taken advantage of a very small contracted population of my MS1 class (2/30). I've been to Washington D.C to run the ATM, experiencing the pentagon and what D.C has to offer, ran the Baatan Death March with other highly motivated cadets experiencing an immense amount of comradery through it's history and challenge, and was awarded and recognized for it all in the first year. That is just an example of the opportunities that not all cadets from around the nation experience, and there are even more that are only available to contracted cadets.

    In my opinion, if anyone finds themselves with a scholarship offer in the upcoming months, be proud of what you have accomplished and be ready to work. Don't doubt yourself and don't worry if your high school statistics don't seem as good as other's, the first step is applying and that's what many kids who want to go into the military don't even think of doing.
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    Indeed. The college related Army Officer paths:

    Green to Gold
    In-college scholarship
    ROTC Advance Course, still without scholarship
    Officer Candidate School (after earning a college degree)

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