Scholarship Control Number?


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Dec 1, 2014
My son is in the final stages of activating his 3yr scholarship.
His unit is asking for his Scholarship Control Number.
Never mind that it seems they should know that, does anyone know where that can be found?
Congratulations! Look on his award letter, if not have him call his local officer. Don't be surprised at the lack of communication between the Board and his Unit, that is just the way it is. He will need to provide what seems like repetitive info, but just do what is asked. It's a small annoyance for such a big return. Again, congratulations!
The "winner letter" has confirmation numbers, one for each of the school choices they offered him, but no other numbers.
When you say local officer, whom do you mean exactly?
His unit is asking for his Scholarship Control Number.

The only time I have heard the term "control number" used in Army ROTC is in the context of GFRD Control numbers. Is your DS in SMP or seeking the Reserve component?

I would recommend your DS speak to the ROO and get more clarity on where to find this number.
He is not SMP or seeking reserve.
I suggested the same thing. He says is will "go down there" (they are in a basement) but they are the ones asking for it.
Tell him to tell them to look in CCIMM. OR if they can’t figure it out tell them to call the ROO from Clarkson. Because he is a 3Ad they should have prepared a CC form 167r, which the PMS should have validated last spring. The scholarship control number is on that form also. I’m looking in CCIMM now, and the confirmation number on the offer letter should be what they need.