Scholarship Conversion


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Jan 20, 2008
I found out today that I got offered a 4-year Type 7 AFROTC scholarship. I plan be going to Va Tech which is out of state and costs more than 9K a year.

On the ROTC website it says that if your school costs more than that, you must convert the scholarship to a 3-year Type 2. Has anyone else been in this position? Is there a lot of work that has to go into this, or is it just an easy switch?

DS found out the same thing today as well (offered a four-year type 7 scholarship in any major he desires).

First off, Congratulations! And welcome to the brotherhood (not being sexist, I welcome and respect all the female AF officers as well! Just an expression!). Now, focus on your school work and ROTC, work your BUTT off, and get your commission!

In DS's letter, they told him he could convert the scholarship to a 3-year Type 2, bascially giving him a choice. Since he will be attending an out-of-state school (Univ of Maryland) with an out-of-state tuition greater than $9000, this is the choice he plans to sign up for. DS's letter also information on how to convert the scholarship to a Type 2, and some contact information for the AFROTC HQ to call if he had any questions and to contact to confirm he would accept the offer. Let me know if you need the contact information, and I will PM it to you.

You all make me soooo proud. Hope to see you (and DS) in the air in a few years -- ABOVE ALL! :thumb:)

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i havent the paperwork yet. i called them and asked about my status and they told me. if they give instructions in the paperwork they are sending out then i should be okay. i just want to make sure that it isnt going to be another long process to turn this into a 3-year Type2. i also got offered into any major, which makes me VERY happy since i do not want to be an engineer
2nd page of the paperwork is a simple form to fill out and send back, telling them if you will accept, and what type of scholarship you're willing to accept. Pretty staight forward -- just let them know you want the 3-year type 2.

First page is the standard "Congratulations" paragraph followed by a description of the types of scholarships and your options. It states you'll get more information on your scholarship (the full packet explaining everything avout it) once you send in the second page telling the what you want.

Again, congrats! And best of luck as a Hokie!
Just a heads up on the scholarship payments. The AF pays when they pay not when the payment is due. Some schools are better then others about pending scholarship payments. U of AZ the date due is the hard so you may have to pay the money then get the money charged back to the credit card. Zona is pretty good about it.

Florida lets you defer if you have a scholarship, the drop dead date is in November. The normal you must pay everything date was Sept. 1st. ROTC paid Sept. 11.

The book money there is no reasoning to when that shows up. It showed up Oct 27 and March 7th. So if you can defer those it helps.

The stipend came quickly, Aug 31st. The pay is split on the 1st and 15th of the month. Make sure that you have a checking account before you go to school, they want a voided check to start it. USAA bank is great and they pay all ATM fees which are steep on campus.

I'm sure Bullet already has the checking account with your son that USAA offers and that has been great for transferring funds to my son. The boy had to pay his frat fees and some car repairs. Yes he took his car, that was the deal we made with him, get a scholarship you can take the car. He needs it to drive to hockey pratice in Jax.

Back to start it you need to pass DODMERB, make weight and pass the PFT, but they don't tell you that they give you a pass for fall of your freshman year because the rules state that you must have to gone to PT eight times before they can test you. Also you must pass the AFOQT they gave it to my son before classes began. (son says you would have to an IQ of less than 80 not to pass) They will have you go to an orientation for a couple days before schools starts so plan for it (you need to move in the early). They measure you up for uniforms and shoes, son had to wait for his shoes--clown size feet. Also buy a good shoe shine kit and v neck tshirts.
After I convert to the 3-year type 2, when does it kick in? Will it cover the first three years of college, or the last three?

If the latter, will i still be held to the same standards as all contracted GMC (i.e. PFT, GPA reqs., etc) during my freshman year?
It is for the last 3 yrs. Don't know the second answer, b/c either way our DS is going ROTC, so it really doesn't matter for him