Scholarship vs. Non-scholarship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by DeKes, Jul 14, 2011.

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    So I applied for the scholarship but wasn't selected, but I'm still doing AROTC. I have two main questions. First, I plan on going through with the whole program, and really want a 2 or 3 year scholarship. Are there any suggestions as to how to help my chances at being picked? Second, is there anything scholarship cadets get to do that non scholarships don't? I really want to experience everything, and so I was just wondering. In the end I want to be an officer, so I dont want to miss anything important.
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    To the first question, I would suggest all the usual: show up early, leave late, volunteer for clean-up type stuff, be more active than the average cadet, score highly in the PFT, and maintain high grades. Basically you want to be ranked near the top of the Battalion/Unit.

    To your second quesiton...NO. I think (somebody please correct me) about 50% of the Basic Course (1st two years) ROTC cadets nationswide are not on scholarship. From posts on this Board, cadets themselves report they do NOT care who is on scholarship and who isn't. Cadets only care about who is getting the job done, who has the good attitude, who puts forth the effort.
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    Actually, I think the % is much higher, maybe @ 75% are not on scholarship, caveat at least that is what I have seen for AF/NROTC.

    You need strong grades, so if it means between choosing to go to the BBall game that night or buckling down and studying another hr or two, the latter would be the choice if you really want to be competitive.

    Dunninla is correct nobody cares if you are scholarship or not.

    I would also understand that according to Marist AROTC has a moratorium on IS scholarships, so if your fiscal plan was you can swing college this yr., but need the scholarship later on, start re-working that plan.

    AFROTC canceled IS a few yrs ago, and has yet to re-instate it, so be prepared that maybe your yr group might be one where the scholarships will not open up for IS.
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    Congratulations on starting ROTC this Fall.

    An ROO posted earlier that there is a moratorium on all campus based scholarships right now, it could be a while before any become available.

    I would still take dunninia's advice just in case the Army finds the funds to start giving campus scholarships.

    As far as being non-scholarship, a lot will depend on the battalion and school you attend. It has more to do on whether you are contracted or not, if you do not receive a scholarship and are not SMP you will compete to be selected to the advance course that starts your junior year. Once you begin the advance course your junior year you will be a contracted cadet. Some battalions do not offer summer training such as Airborne to non contracted cadets, some only allow contracted cadets to compete on the Ranger Challenge "A" team. Other then that you should be able to participate fully in all the ROTC activities.

    Good luck this Fall.
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    Excellent responses.

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