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Nov 28, 2008
I am a new member to the forum and am so glad to have found you! My son has applied to the USNA and received a letter today stating that he is scholastically qualified. He also got a letter last week from our congressman, receiving a nomination. What does this all mean in regards to an appointment?? Is there a chance that we'll know soon or will it be closer to April? I haven't done anything in this whole process and now that we are getting closer I am getting anxious!! I am a terrible "waiter".
Thanks very much!
First of all can I ask when your sons application was completed?:rolleyes:

Congrats on the letter regarding scholastic qualification. :thumb: If your son did well on his CFA and if he is medically qual'd that means he is triple Q'd. Was your son the primary nominee from the MOC? Members of congress use different ways of nominating, one would be that your son would be the primary nominee and one would be if your son was one of up to ten nominees. If your son was one of ten, he will have to compete with the others for the appointment. If he is the primary nominee, it sounds like he is just about IN!!!!! Good luck and keep us updated!
Here is more about Tripler Q.

And please respond to my questions about when your sons application was completed. My daughter's was completed on 10/28 and I am wondering about timeline. The waiting is aweful. It is good to know that they are sending out Scholastic Q'd letters, as I think they weren't for awhile. Thanks
Thanks for the quick response! Michael's application was complete in late August. How do I tell if the nomination is a primary one or not? The letter doesn't indicate that. "I have nominated you for consideration for an appointment to the United States Naval Academy." It also states that now it is up to the Academy. Is that a primary nomination? Just one more thing to worry about!
Being triple qualified basically means he is now eligible to Compete for an Appointment.

Whether or not he receives an appointment depends on how strong his application is within the Congressional district and how strong it is over all the other applicants.

You will wait since the MOC slates are just now being submitted. Some kids who are named on the nominations slate may not have finished their application and if the academy ranks the slate they need that information.
Hang in there - most will know something by March/April.

BTW - your son should keep updating his file - send in 7th semester transcripts with semester grades. Some schools re-rank the senior class and this can help as well. Any significant accomplishments in academics, athletics or leadership should be sent in as well.
It also states that now it is up to the Academy.
Sounds like a competitive slate. The Academy will choose the individual that best helps to fill the Class of 2013 from that Congressman's slate. Keep in mind that more than one individual may get an appointment from that Congressman's district and even slate as some nominated may have multiple nominations which allows the Academy more latitude in selecting individuals for the Class.
If you want to find out which method your congressperson (MOC) uses for nominations, call the MOC's office and inquire; they will tell you. Good luck, your son has gotten very far. Also, there are many posts about the stats on triple qualified and ultimately getting in to the academy. Read them for information and not for your sanity.
What are the requirements to be deemed "scholastically qualified"? Do they just need your SAT scores and high school transcript or is there more to it?