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    I am applying for the nrotc scholarship and don't know whether to make it so I will only accept it if I get my #1 school or put it as I prefer my #1 choice but don't mind 2-5. The schools I have for 3-5 I would definetly not accept the scholarship because I don't want to got to those schools. I only would go to my first choice or possibly my second. But I have to put 5 schools down. What is the possibly I get my top choice when I have a PFT of 271 ACT of 28 and 4.0. Should I stick with just my top choice or leave it to chance with my first two choices getting picked. Also I don't know if I'll definitely get into my top choice either. So if I only do that school and don't get accosted then I'm screwed
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    Chances are you will receive #1 school -- granted I don't know statistically how that stacks up. I haven't heard of examples of going down to the 3rd tier choice. I've copied some of the booklet that was emailed to my son when he received his scholarship. It gives insight into the process. See below.

    I assume you meant "accepted" and not accosted. :)

    Stats don't really determine school choice from the NROTC scholarship perspective--it's more based on open slots and demand. Stats only get you in the door on the selection process from the scholarship perspective.

    From the scholarship pdf...

    As a Four-Year NROTC Scholarship selectee, you have been placed at the NROTC unit listed on your selection letter. You must attend the college or university listed in your selection letter. A complete list of approved NROTC colleges and universities is available on the NROTC Web Page at Placement was made based on your school preferences listed in your application and the availability of space at the NROTC units. Once the initial placement is done, your list of preferred school choices from your application will no longer be used. NROTC Units are limited in the number of incoming freshman they are assigned for each academic year. The limits are designed to prevent overburdening of resources at each unit and to provide a more even distribution of freshmen.

     If you do not desire to attend or were not accepted as a full-time student at your assigned NROTC college/university or one of its approved cross-town affiliates for the fall term, you may submit a school change request. See below for more details on school changes.
     If requesting a school change, please ensure the requested college/university has a major within the academic tier you have been assigned.
     If the unit at the college you desire to attend has been filled, there is a waiting list for those who would like to be assigned to the school. Please see below for more details on waiting lists.

     To request a change of school assignment, you must fax, email, or mail the NSTC Form 1533/141, Placement Change Request, to NSTC (Code OD222). The Placement Change Request Form can be found on the NROTC website at:
    Please send only one copy of your request to the contact information listed at the end of this section. School change requests are subject to class loading limits at each unit and therefore are not guaranteed.
     If the unit at the school you requested is full, you will automatically be placed on its waiting list.
     Requests normally take 5-7 business days to process (during our peak season, Dec-May, it may take longer). You will receive a letter that indicates whether your request has been approved and your scholarship has been moved or that you have been placed on a waiting list.
     Please allow at least 3 weeks for processing before attempting to contact us about the status of your request. During our peak season, you may find that it is easier to contact us via email than by phone. You may also check the status page of the NROTC website to determine if your assigned school has been changed.
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    The thing is that every NROTC unit has a specific number of scholarships available to the unit. I hate to say it, but you are entering late in the game. NROTC boards have been meeting since late last summer (end of Aug), thus, without knowing the school choices you may be out of luck and get number 3-5, which means you will have to wait until April to ask for a change. Certain schools are what we call powerhouses and fill up very early, as in early fall. Flipside not every school utilizes all of their slots, thus come April, be it the recipient goes to an SA or was not accepted to the college, than you can transfer it to that school because they now have open slots.

    In essence, all you can do right now is complete your package and wait.
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    Of all the schools available you can't find at least two more that you would want to attend? I remember NROTC requiring an in-state option, my DS would have declined a scholarship to that school (didn't fit for his major) but the other 4 were all ok. I'm curious why you came to this conclusion.
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    I don't intend this in a mean way, but in light of your post, basically saying you will accept a NROTC scholarship only if it is to your first choice school (maybe 2nd), curious why exactly do you want to be a Navy or Marine Corps Officer?
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    It's also possible that the poster is planning to participate in ROTC at his top choice school, if accepted, even if he does not get an ROTC scholarship...
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