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    Jan 18, 2019
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    hello! I am an applicant for the class of 2024 and as the school year is coming to a close I am trying to get everything prepared so that everything is ready to go when the portal opens. I was just wondering that if I submitted an SOE from my senior year math teacher (because my junior math teacher doesn't like me that much) will it affect my chance of accpeptance? I wanted to submit my application as soon as possible because I heard that the earlier you submit your application the more likely you are to an appointment.
    Thank you!
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    You need to follow the instructions, on the portal. If you do not, then yes, it can affect your chance of acceptance.
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    It is not true that the earlier you submit your application, the greater your chances are of acceptance. It is not a race. Submit the best application you can, as soon as you can. Emphasis on best. Speed at the expense of quality is not good.

    And @USMAROTCFamily is right. Follow the instructions precisely. The military is a precise organization. Inability to follow instructions exactly does not reflect well on you, no matter how early you submit your application.
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    An early application does not increase your chances of acceptance because there are no WCS points awarded for early completion and no WCS penalty for completion right before the deadline.

    However, an early application reduces the chance that you will run out of time to address medical remedials/waivers and chase down procrastinating evaluators - these reasons alone are sufficient to get it done sooner rather than later. It also increases your chances of an appointment in the first wave - not your overall chances of appointment, just the timing.

    RC's track applications in the pipeline and will delay an appointment decision if there are applications in progress that might knock you out of contention for an appointment.
    • Simplified example: Assume your WCS score is not high enough to be certain of appointment as a Qualified Alternate, you are competing to win the district, and don't fall into any special consideration category. If you are 3Q + NOM in October and there is an application still in process in your district in January with the potential to beat your WCS score, admissions will wait until a winner is clear. You could lose the district and still be appointed as an Additional Appointee, but that would normally come later in the process.