Schools of Intent Scholarship AROTC


Dec 20, 2017
For my scholarship portal, I had to list a few colleges- some private, some public- that I would want to attend and apply my scholarship too. I am not actually applying to any public colleges, but for that reason I put those on the bottom of the list of precedence. I am applying to 10 private schools, and I am unsure of where I am going yet at all. If I choose to attend a school that was not listed at all on my scholarship portal, will I still be able to transfer my scholarship to one of those unlisted schools?
There is no guarantee that you will be able to transfer your scholarship, especially if the private school you want to go to is $60K a year and your scholarship is awarded to a $20K a year in state public school. If you look around you will see 1000+ (yes, I said one thousand) responses suggesting that you and everyone else have a Plan B in place. If I was your parent, you can bet your last dollar you'd be applying to a public in state school that was on your ROTC school choice list.
No guarantees, but I have never seen a transfer request denied into any of my schools.