Sea Cadets// RT tips


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May 8, 2023
I'm going to RT this summer and am sort of terrified. Can anyone share experiences/give tips for RT?
Ahhh sorry, should have been more specific. RT is recruit training for Sea Cadets. It's like a scaled-down version of Navy basic training.
Well, I'm a graduate of it but that was a LONNNG time ago and we did it at the actual Navy Bootcamp which used to be in Orlando.
We actually did the 2 week "Reserve Bootcamp" that used to be done so it was pretty much the same as what sailors were doing and
we were right alongside them in the mess hall, etc.
In general, I'd say to make sure that you're in decent shape and to expect some "corrections" (yelling/criticism) as that is what you'll be getting.
Otherwise, nothing to really worry about,
Does anyone know if they can IT you in recruit training? I'm guessing no, but if they want to make it as real as possible... anyone know?