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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by WorkforJesus, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Jun 9, 2014
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    So I am going to miss the deadline for the first board because I have not completed my interview which I thought would be in time!!! So how badly are my chances affected if I do not have my package complete by the middle of this month???
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    You should be fine. Previous years, the first board doesn't give out a lot of scholarships compared to the 2nd and 3rd. Better to have your interview with a PMS at a school you plan to attend and knock it out of the park than to rush just to get it in before deadline.
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    Who knows if this year will be different from last year ... but my DS went before the second board only last year and received a 4 yr AROTC scholarship to his top 3 schools -- all out of state, public universities. Take a deep breath. Control what you can -- if the interview is the last thing you need done, get it done soon. Retake the ACT/SAT if you need to improve. Continue doing well in school and work on your Plan B, C, D.... Good luck!
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    I agree with the other responses. Look at the scholarship awards as a Bell curve. The least amount come out in the beginning and the end, the bulk in the middle.

    The first board typically goes to candidates with stats that would be equivalent to without a doubt they would get a scholarship to their list.
    ~ Do not read into this because some schools are not as highly demanded as others.

    Look at that from a whole picture aspect. I.E. clarkson has stated his college rarely ever fills their entire allotment, but meanwhile TAMU may fill up quickly.

    It is also insanely common for candidates to get the message (paraphrasing). At this time no decision has been made and you will be reboarded at the next available board.
    ~ This is not a negative per se. It means that they want to see a larger pool before making the final decision.

    Many posters received that message and received a svchilarship.

    Finally, statistically only about 18% of ROTC candidates get a scholarship. It is very competitive....think about it, the chances of getting a scholarship or the same as getting an appointment, and the SAs are seen as Ivy league regarding selection.

    It is not easy to get a scholarship.

    I would also place out there that once in ROTC the slate is clean. The CoC could not give a rats arse if you are on scholarship. It is how you prove yourself in the unit. Believe it or not some recipients do not comprehend that fact and walk on with a supeioity attitude to find out in the first week they are not golden. Especially when they can't contract because they failed the PFA, while the cadet that doesn't have a scholarship was the superstar.
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    Don't remember ever saying that. In fact I really don't operate on an allocation. This year I actually got more offers for my freshmen by percentage of mission than any other school in the Brigade. My goal is always to get more than my share.

    That being said, it's just fine to wait until the second round. The first round is very competative and basically the goal is to try to lock in those super SALs that may get offers elsewhere.

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