Second Opinion and Service Options


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Good Afternoon,

Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with vasculitus and underwent treatment. At that point I was, banking on either attending a Service Academy or SMC but was not able to attend either due to recovering. Fast forward to 2016, I vehemently still had the urge to serve and commission so I attended VMI but left due to not able to commission through NROTC due to my previous medical history. I then went to Texas A&M and joined Corps with the intent of seeking a commission and have been working with the OSO in College Station and am glad I finished my college career while being apart of the Corps of Cadets- I am graduating in August. As of today , BUMED disqualified me based on my medical history (I was working on a Marine Corps Officer application ) . I had submitted various AMI's and supplemental information through the DoDMerb website.

I understand that service in the military is not a right and therefore not everyone is accepted. All the while, I still have some fight in me to serve.

Is there someone I could speak to on here concerning the prospects of a second opinion or requesting that my package be reviewed again ?

I am currently looking at seeking a commission through the other branches . It is my understanding that each branch has its own medical authority concerning waivers- I am interested in seeking a commission through Army OCS.

Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions as you see fit. I am open to all suggestions. Thank you.


What caused the vasculitis and what treatment did you receive?

The problem with most “vasculitis” conditions is they are of autoimmune causes meaning your immune system is, for whatever reason, attacking your blood vessels.

That’s not a good thing because that causes poor blood flow throughout your body. These things come and go too. You never know when they will occur.


Despite the standards being the same, the enlisted route may prove an easier lift at this point-- they can be a little more forgiving with waivers. Then, once you're in you can reapply for OTS/OCS much more easily down the road.

If service is your goal, then please don't overlook the DoD civilian route either. In today's environment, those folks do just as much as the average uniformed member (and in some cases more).

Keep your options open and keep trying doors until one opens. I'm glad to hear you finished the Corps. Good luck!