Secondary Application Packet?


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Jun 17, 2008
I completed the candidate questionnaire back in February. I am in the process of completing my applications for nominations and training for the CFA. When can I expect a secondary application packet (if that's what it is called). I read on this forum that this is done online. Should I have recieved login information. Please advise.
I believe you will get a letter with your logon id and password sometime this summer. Since my son is class of 2011 he did his application via paper so I don't know about the online application. If they are still doing paper apps you will get the information in August or September.

Keep working on your nomination applications and your physical fitness.
Good luck!
My son received his packet sometime last summer. He filled out everything with pen and paper. I asked him why he wasn't doing it online, and he said he didn't think he had the option. I do remember his "Why I want to go to USMA" response was requested in writing, I'm guessing to use as a penmanship sample.
West Point has been trying to go online with the application for a few years. It was supposed to be up last year but was not - hence the paper application. Admissions claims the application will be online this year - so it will all be new!

In the past you have had to wait for your candidate application kit which was mailed out in late summer. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to complete it. This summer work on your total package: academic, leadership and athletics, including getting in shape for the CFA. Study for the SAT's and start your nomination applications - many of those require essays.
So, even without the application kit in hand there is still plenty to do!