Security Clearance DODMERB SF86 question


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Feb 10, 2017
Hey everyone,
I am currently a 3/C mid at the academy. I am running into a dilemma with service selection and security clearance stuff. The service selection (submarines) I want to select requires a TS clearance. On my SF86 I admitted to full disclosure of prior marijuana experimentation, but thinking back to my DODMERB exam I did when I was a junior in high school I think I might have checked the "no" box for prior marijuana use. I don't remember if I was just nervous about it in front of parents/doctors, or why I didn't put it on there. I have and will continue to be honest and upfront about it on all other forms, but I just don't want a cross check of the dodmerb exam with my SF86 to prevent me from getting a TS clearance. My question is, will this cause a problem when applying for a TS clearance? Also, what should my course of action be? Should I ignore it, and if someone ever brings it up explain the discrepancy, or contact someone now? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Probably not
You would not be the first to have this issue and you were not covered by the ucmj or the honor code when you took the dodmerb

You conceivably lied on a federal document but again- you won't be the first

Good that you came clean now
You did the right thing on SF86. From this point forward make sure you are accountable and accept results of your actions. If this subject comes up in the future, I would even say that "I was under 18 and made a mistake in the present of my parents/doctors"*.

*pure creative writing, as I am not qualified for ANY legal advice.

You obviously have grown into a much more responsible person and soon to be a commissioned Naval Officer. Smart choice to pick subs too!
You are fine. The TS isn't that much more complicated than the secret. It's really the interview. Just goes back further. So as long as you don't become a compulsive gambler, get arrested or marry a former KBG agent before you graduate you will be fine. Good luck.
Simple Answer -- Tell the Truth ...don't perpetuate a lie. If the issue comes up , deal with it then. You will be a whole lot worse off if you lie on the security clearance form.