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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by acho97, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Jul 27, 2015
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    So I got an email from one of my senators (Senator Mark R. Warner) and I got an interview! (yay)
    But I was just wondering approximately how many other people would've gotten one from Senator Warner.
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    And this matters...... because........?
    Not being a smart a$$. Maybe you're just curious. But it is nothing that you have any control over and nothing that you can impact or influence.

    One thing I can tell you; A nomination interview isn't automatic. Each senator and representative is different; but generally they all have the applications vetted somewhat before interviewing. A lot depends on how many applications they receive. But the individual that has a 2.5 GPA or an application that they know the academy will never take, are usually dismissed right off the bat. As for the ones remaining, it usually depends on how many, how much time the senator and staff can devote to the selection, and where you stand compared to the others.

    So be happy you have an interview. Not everyone will receive one. But no one here knows your senator or his method. Some senators/representatives give everyone an interview. (Except for obvious applications that they would never nominate). Maybe your senator interviews everyone. Maybe he doesn't. Again, it brings me back to the first question. Why does it matter? (That's rhetorical; it DOESN'T matter). Just be glad you got one and go practice being interviewed. Best of luck to you.
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    Congrats on receiving an interview. It's my understanding that over 600 candidates apply to Senator Warner for a nomination. He and his committee can only interview a small percentage. Even 10% means 60 interviews which is a lot. Keep the faith and best wishes!
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    Congrats on your interview! Like the other posters said don't worry bout your competition. It'll just drive you crazy from anxiety. But hey if you think about your interview time limit you can kinda rationalize the amount of people who applied. For example, I know a ton of people applied to Senator Rubio because my interview will only last 15 minutes lol
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    Acho, first, yay! you got an interview. NOW PLEASE... STOP with all that bruhaha about how many? am I #1? blah blah blah.

    Just read the stickies above about interviews, dress appropriately, and relax.
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    I am going to go off topic a bit. You need to remember that VA is very competitive and the Senators talk so they can spread the wealth. Many of the Congressmen will also look at the Senators slates so they do not duplicate their slates with them. Occasionally a few will sneak through and get two, but the majority will only get 1.

    There is a poster here that said their child got an interview with Warner, but not with Kaine (or maybe it was Weber), however he got the TWE from Warner and the nomination from the other. The reason why is as I stated before they talk. That is only my assumption!

    Just plow ahead, prepare for the interview. It will be a committee and they can come at you from all different aspects. Do not expect to see Sen. Warner there, he may or he may not be there. My DS interviewed with Sen. Burr (NC). I remember some of the questions.
    1. I see the only C on your transcript is AP Calc, can you explain that?
    ~ He not only had a ton of APs, and did jump start, but for his ACT he had a 34 M, so to them that stood out as odd.
    2. Do you believe invading Iraq was a prudent decision?
    3. As a military dependent, what was the best and worst thing in your mind about living that life as a military brat.
    4. What was the last book you read that was not assigned reading?

    If you go on the nomination forums and use the search tab, I am sure you will get a lot more answers about the VA nomination process there, than here. IE How long after the interview will you find out if you get the nomination.

    PS, VA is a big state. Do not assume that they will do the interviews at only one place on one day. IOWS, just because 20 people are there that day in the holding area,don't think that is all they are going to interview for the nomination. They may hold them over a course of a few weekends. Plus, VA has many military members. They may also do phone/skype interviews for those kids. One of our DDs friends was an AF brat, Dad was moved to Germany their junior year. They did not sell their home or change their residency, that meant for him, his MOCs were in VA.
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