Senator Interviews Finished and the Hardest Part Yet to Come

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Hopeful MDN, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Saturday, I finally completed my interviews for my state Senators, and though I was nervous because my interview was at 3:00 so I was waiting all day, as soon as I went into the room, I was completely relaxed. The board seemed to be very impressed with my hard work and dedication towards pursuing USNA because of the fact that I received a letter in early October that said the admissions board scholastically approved me.

    I should find out if I am medically and physically qualified by the time I find out if I got my nomination, and if I am found triple-qualified with a nomination, there is no doubt in my mind that USNA will offer me an appointment due to my early completion of my application package and amazing persistence with the process.

    The hardest part now is the waiting - I have done everything that I could at this point to give me the slightest advantage, and I think early next year I will find out if I finally completed my dream of getting into USNA since the fifth grade. This forum has been very helpful to me in answering my questions about the process. I'm just giving everyone an update as to where I stand in the process, and hopefully I will succeed. I will continue to ask questions and keep everyone informed of my admissions status.

    I wish every other candidate to USNA Class of 2014 best of luck.
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    Congrats! Glad everything is going well for you. I just have a little piece of advice from my own experience.
    Last year, I was Triple-Q'd with a nomination from my congressman, and was feeling pretty confident myself....and I grew possibly a little complacent. To make a long story short, I wasn't accepted and feel like I could have done more to imporve my odds.

    So let the Academy know anything that could help your chances form now til March, such as any awards, honors, captain of any teams, etc....and obviously keep working hard in school.

    Good luck, you sound like a really determined candidate.

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