Senior Year Grades


Jul 24, 2019
Hello all,

I don't have any issues with my grades currently but I was just curious. Does Army ROTC check your senior year grades after you are done with the application?

Thanks in advance for the help (Also, sorry for the influx of questions from me)
They very well could. Regardless, grades matter more than anything once you get into ROTC, so make sure you're keeping up your work ethic because college is only going to get harder.
No they don‘t. You obviously have to graduate and your college will want a final transcript for the record. In some circumstances it can affect you financially. For example, if your college takes those grades into account for merit money, and say you receive a three year scholarship, it could mean losing money your freshman year from the school. But once the application is done they will only have your grades if you upload them to your application.